RFU's Core Values Update: Backchat & Appealing

Please see the below update and example clips shared by the RFur TEAM regarding backchat and appealing, with specific relation to the game’s Core Values.

Following some feedback in pre-season, and last week’s fixtures we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of players appealing / questioning decisions and providing general backchat. 

In the attached presentation, there are 3 clips from a game last weekend. 

Clip 1 is of particular interest as you can see a player ‘waving arms’ on 2 occasions during the first couple of minutes of the match. 

We would encourage you to listen to the Referee communication in all 3 clips.

Referees have this week been reminded of our protocol with regards to core Game Values, you can expect to see a Zero Tolerance approach on this. 

Please encourage players to avoid:

  • Waving arms during live play – appealing

  • Calling for decisions ‘e.g. holding on’

  • Giving the referee backchat following a decision

 The Referee's process will be simple:

  • 1st occasion, a player will be spoken to, this could be during ‘Live Play’ as in Clip 1

  • 2nd occasion – the captain will be warned’

  • 3rd occasion will see a team penalised

If the incident is serious enough, the player may be penalized on the first occasion.

You can read more on the RFU’s Core Values by clicking here.