Simon Goatcher - South East Region Manager

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Welcome to the South East Region. Please do not hesitate to Contact Me, or any of the Regional Committee members below, for any further information or assistance. You can see the dates and location of our Regional Meetings below - I look forward to seeing you at our next meeting.  

07764 588991

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Appointments Enquiries:  07544737434

Re-Appointments Team: 07796 211889

Regional Meetings


2018/2019 South East meetings

  • 12th September: Laws Review

  • 24th October: Tackle

  • 28th November: Yellow Cards

  • 9th January: Laws Test

  • 20th February: Refereeing 7s

  • 27th March: Season Review

Location: HSBC Sports Club

Lennard Rd, Beckenham BR3 1QW. All meetings begin at 19:30

South East Region Committee

  • Appointments Manager - Emmet Murphy: email / 07544 737434

  • Re-Appointments Team -
    George Pace: email / 07753 817663
    Jeff Farmer: email / 07954 098142
    Steve Hancock: email / 07976 317555

  • Match Observers Manager - John Cairns: email

  • Training & Development - Dave Broadwell: email

  • Haberdasher/Active Referee - Jeff Farmer: email

  • Active Referees on Committee - Phil Stevens: email & Mike Ryan: email


Below are fixtures in the region for the next month. The list shows fixtures where appointments have been made and confirmed by the official and those games that are currently not appointed.  For Clubs, there are a number of reasons why your fixture is not shown here:

  • Fixture is not on WhosTheRef

  • Fixture is not in the next month

  • An appointment has been made, but the referee has not yet confirmed acceptance

  • The fixture is being appointed to by another region - e.g. SEG (for Level 5), Premier List (for Level 6/7), Midweek (for games on Monday to Friday)

Please refer to the Referee Notification email for contact details for the referee. For further details, see the Fixtures & Appointments and WhosTheRef pages.