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Society sponsors: CBOE Europe

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Cboe Europe, the European arm of Cboe Global Markets, provides investors across Europe with cutting-edge trading and investment solutions for the European equities, global FX and derivatives markets. Cboe Global Markets is one of the world’s largest exchange holding companies.

Cboe Europe operates Cboe Europe Equities the largest stock exchange in Europe by value traded and offers trading in more than 5,500 securities across 15 European markets, over one platform and under one rule book. Cboe Europe also offers low-cost market data, benchmark indices and an equities block trading platform. In addition, Cboe Europe’s leading trade reporting service, BXTR, reports the majority of over-the-counter equity market trading executed in Europe.

Cboe Europe also brings its suite of global derivatives and FX products to European market participants, providing access to Cboe’s proprietary products (SPX and VIX options, and VIX futures) during Global Trading Hours and Cboe FX, the company’s FX trading platform.