In Season Training Advice: Hanbury Training

The following update is provided on behalf of Ross Hanbury, LSRFUR Fitness Advisor. Please direct ALL replies and queries directly to Ross via: 

I hope you have all had a relaxing summer, followed by a good pre-season, and have hit the (hard) ground running this season. As the season opens, its now time to look forward to in-season training programmes, to keep you fit and healthy throughout the winter, as well as prepare you for next summer’s pre-season! 

This In Season Training Advice document explains why and how to integrate a fitness plan into your season, while the Fixture Training Options sheet is a comprehensive list of all the different sessions - both outdoors and gym sessions. The sessions are divided up into categories (green = easy yellow = medium and red = hard). 

Don't forget that the attached is not a comprehensive list of what you must do and if you want to talk about how you can integrate a fitness programme into your unique setup then don't hesitate to ask! 

Before starting any of the above programmes though, it is imperative that if there are any medical or previous injury issues that you feel could impact or be made worse by a change in your physical activity levels; then you need to get in contact with your doctor or Ross Hanbury.

NB - there were some fantastic results in the YoYo tests in the summer; well done to everyone, whatever level you achieved. Overall average score this summer remained at a very impressive 16.6. #fitrefs 

Best wishes for the season ahead.

Ross Hanbury