Incentives Scheme Announced!

LSRFUR is proud to announce details of a new incentives scheme!

We are pleased to announce the full details of the incentives scheme which was trialled at the Annual Training Conference earlier in the season. The aim of this program is to encourage our members to officiate more frequently, and also allow us to recognise those who already referee a significant number of games each season for the Society.

  • If you officiate 15-24 games this season, you will receive £15.

  • If you officiate 25-34 games, you will receive £25.

  • If you officiate 35+ games, you will receive £35.

  • If you officiate 50% more games than last season (subject to a minimum of 10 games officiated in the previous season), you will receive £20 (on top of any award for number of games officiated).

This award will be made in the form of either a) a voucher for the online Society kit shop or b) money off the LSRFUR Annual Dinner or Regional Dinner.

The number of games officiated will be automatically obtained from WTR, and will be based on the year to 31 July. It will include all appointments for a LSRFUR official in a LSRFUR capacity. A “game” is counted where attended in any capacity (e.g. Referee, AR, Coach, MO/PR, Assessor etc). An appointment a tournament (such as a School 7s tournament) will also count as a one “game”.

If you have any questions about this scheme, please raise these with your Regional Manager or the General Secretary, Peter Coulthard.