Tours and Tournaments

Whilst our primary aim is to support the game in London and the South East, we are very fortunate to be invited to officiate at some of the best tournaments in the UK and overseas. We also exchange referees with other societies around the world.

This page provides just a taste of some of the things we have been up to over the last couple of years! You can follow all of our tourists' exploits on Twitter and Instagram by searching for the hashtags #LSRFURONTOUR and #CROUCHBINDTOUR

St Joseph’s College 2018

Photos and match coverage from this year’s tournament featuring LSRFUR referees can be seen below.

Bournemouth 7s


Every year over the late May bank holiday weekend, London Society goes on tour to the Bournemouth 7s Festival, the biggest sport and music festival in the world! 

We take London referees from Level 10 to the national panel to referee across two massive days of rugby on the south coast. With over 40 referees, coaches, assessors and two dedicated appointers, its our biggest event in the calendar.

The rugby includes some of the best teams in the UK, to the club social sides - so there is something for everyone to referee. We take it seriously… but not that seriously…. (#captainserious) and it’s fantastic social weekend for the society. 



We started a referee exchange with the Japanese RFU and Fukuoka RFU in 2016 anticipating the run up to the 2019 world cup. 

We’ve grown from one referee exchanging each way for a week in November to to multiple exchanges each year, including hosting Japanese referees in London at the Rosslyn Park National School 7s each March. 


This amazing opportunity is available to LSRFUR referees looking to advance their refereeing at Level 7 and Level 6, and gain valuable rugby experience of refereeing in a different culture with a very different style of play. It’s a fantastic cultural experience and one that our referees will remember for life! 

Tom Bird, LSRFUR referee who travelled to Japan in 2017 had this to say about his experience:

Japan was a one of a kind experience, something I would never have done as a player and one I’ll remember for life. 

The challenge of games from university 1st XV to their 2nd tier men’s league provided a great learning experience that helped me referee my games back in England. 

A game played at much higher pace with less focus on ‘boring upfront forwards play’ made all 4 matches a joy to be in the middle of. 

The other referees and coaches hosting me gave an opportunity to really enjoy the wonderful Japanese culture and of course Sake!!

Stanislas 7s


For the last few years, London has sent a group of referees to the Stanislas 7s tournament in Nancy, France. Arranged through former LSRFUR referee Alexis Charolais, who now sits on the organising committee, the weekend in late May is a fantastic opportunity for some of LSRFUR’s best 7s referees to develop their skills overseas, pick up some referee French, and contribute to a fantastic tournament. Some of the teams include the development squads from France, Germany and Sweden, as well as invitational sides from across France and the UK.

This year, LSRFUR referee Anna Coppell refereed the women’s final in only her second season of refereeing. A great achievement for Anna and for London!

Dubai, Malaysia, Hong Kong, South America

Over the past few years we've sent referees to the Dubai and Hong Kong 7s, initiated a great exchange with Malaysia, and even sent a referee on a two week tour of South America. These tours are a great opportunity to help grow the game in different parts of the world, develop our referee's skills on and off the pitch as well as offering a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the rugby culture of a foreign country. 

If you are looking to host an incoming referee from overseas, make sure you contact the General Secretary to arrange the appropriate insurance - all the details are on our Members pages.