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*London referees- Follow the above link and regsiter, you will then need to be verified by your region. Once verified, you will be sent a link so that you can set a password and sign in
**London clubs- follow the above link and at the top click login and then sign up as a new user and fill in all your details, select the London Region that best suits where you club is based and we will do the rest. Please state in the notes your role within the club, such as "fixture secretary".

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How to join the Society


I am already on WTR with SEG, what do I need to do?
You will be transfered automatically (but if you happened to sign-up in your region, that would NOT cause a conflict).
I am already on WTR with another Society, do I need to register again?
You can have multiple membership records (one per region / society), so you still need to sign up as a London referee, and an additional record will be created for you.
How does WTR handle my registration differently if I am new to WTR or already have an account?
You will only have ONE master record
You can have multiple membership records (one per region / society).
When you sign up for the very first time, the system creates a master record and one membership record (for the society you choose).
If you sign up again when your master record already exists, the system creates an additional membership record for the region you have selected.
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(email your requirements, include address and size! If you are new, include your region.)
Please note: if you have questions or queries, please contact your Regional Manager. If it is an issue that they cannot resolve, it will then be escalated to me. Thanks in advance for your understanding.

Jean Bergesen

L.S.R.F.U.R. IT and Communications Manager