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This page provides information to Clubs/Schools.

WhosTheRef (WTR)
The Society uses WhosTheRef(WTR) to manage all aspects of the appointing process, and from 2017/18 referee feedback from clubs/teams. WTR is a software package soon to be used by all referee societies in England, as well being used extensively in USA, New Zealand and Scotland. It is also used in Cricket, Hockey, Volleyball.

Support for WTR is provided by LSRFUR Regions in the 1st instance. Please DO NOT contact WTR.

In order to use WTR, you will require a WTR account. Each Club requires 1 account only - known, in WTR terms as,  a Club Fixture Secretary. It is NOT necessary for each team to have a WTR account.

Each Club on WTR requires 1 person in the role of Club Fixture Secretary. The main responsibilities of this role being:
is the main point of contact for the club, and as such will receive all email communications from LSRFUR
has the ability to add fixtures
will receive the referee notification emails from WTR when a referee has been appointed
is responsible for, or delegates the responsibility for, confirming fixture details with the appointed referee, and keeping the referee updated if there are any subsequent changes (without     confirmation from the Club, referees are under no obligation to travel)
will contact Re-Appointments team (and the referee if already appointed) to advise of any postponed game/change to listed fixture
will liaise with Appointments/Re-appointments as necessary
is responsible for, or delegates the responsibility for, completing post game feedback (Pink/Yellow Card) on the appointed referee
is responsible for, or delegates the responsibility for, paying the annual LSRFUR invoice.
Each Club can only have 1 fixture Secretary. If/when a change is necessary:
Goto WTR Homepage and click the Login link (top right corner)
Click on Sign Up as a New User
Complete the form that is presented
On the form PLEASE:
Select LONDON-<Region> as the Organisation, this is the Region where the Club is located
Include in the comments box details of your role, e.g. Master i/c, DOR, DOS at Hogwarts School or Fixture Secretary at XYZ Club etc.
If you do not include details of your ROLE and CLUB your application will be REJECTED/DELETED and you may/may not be informed of this (depending on numbers!)
Verification of your application is normally done within 48hrs
Once verified you will be emailed by WTR with details of how to set your password
The details in the comments box will enable a link to be created between you and the correct Club/School
For any such requests received, the incumbent (i.e. YOU) WILL be replaced with the new details, which will take immediate effect.
We can only appoint (when referee numbers allow) to games that are on WTR. As Club Fixture Secretary, you should ensure that all of your fixtures exist on WTR. Where fixtures are missing, these should be added. For 2107/18, the vast majority of Club fixtures have been added automatically. This applies to all RFU League fixtures (including Women's fixtures), Merit Table fixtures in Essex, Kent, Middlesex and Surrey. RFU Cup fixtures will be added by LSRFUR as competitions progress.

Clubs are responsible for adding:
Pre-season/in season friendlies
Tournaments (7s/10s/15s) which you are hosting
All Zoo League fixtures
All County Cup fixtures
All School fixtures - including cup fixtures
All University/College fixtures
All Youth fixtures.
To Add/View fixtures on WTR, please see this How To.... guide. Please be aware that you CANNOT AMEND fixtures - speak to your Re-Appointments Team.


The purpose of the Appointing process is to ensure that as many games as possible which are listed on WTR, are provided with a competent and qualified referee. The appointing cycle may start many weeks before the actual game, and continues, via the Re-appointments Team, right up to the day of the game. Appointers make the initial appointments and then pass on to Re-Appointers to manage changes/late changes (normally within 5-6 days of the fixture).

WTR generates emails throughout the appointing cycle, to keep you (Referee/Club Fixture Sec/Team Contact) up to date. The start point of the Appointing process is the Appointer matching a Referee with a game. Referees receive an Appointment Notification once the Appointer makes this appointment. The referee has to either Accept or Decline the appointment. This part of the process is not visible to Clubs.
Notification emails get sent to Clubs AFTER the referee ACCEPTS the appointment. Referees have been asked to accept appointments within 24hrs of receipt (normally by the end of Monday). Therefore you may not recveive an appointment email until Tuesday or even Wednesday, depending on circumstances; (if the 1st appointed referee declines the appointment, and a subsequent appointment has to be made, it is likely to be Wednesday/Thursday);
On WTR you will only be able to see the referee details AFTER they have accepted the appointment;
The system sends out automated emails for various events. Initially these may be “confusing” however if read in the sequence that they are sent, they should tell a narrative, e.g.:
Referee appointed
Assessor appointed
Referee removed
Referee appointed
Assessor removed etc.
If you receive a “referee removed from fixture “ email - this is likely caused by the need to move referees around within the region. Re-Appointments WILL be aware of this and WILL be working to find a replacement - you do not need to contact them immediately in a panic!
As previously if you haven’t received referee details by Thursday/Friday, then please contact Re-appointments
Confirmation with the referee should still be made verbally - league regulations - and at the earliest opportunity. Referee contact details are on the Notification email
The above relates to Saturday fixtures  - adjust days accordingly for Sunday/Midweek games
The above process is detailed here.

Since ONLY the Club Fixture Secretary can add fixtures it is not necessary for representatives of each team within a Club to have a WTR Account/login.
Appointment/Re-Appointment Contacts
Contact details for all Appointing Teams and Re-Appointing Teams can be found on the individual Region pages, accessed either via the menu (via Regions) at the top of the page or using the below links.
Links to Region pages: Midweek North Premier South East South West West
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